6 Soft Skills to Be Improved in Self-Development

Well, people study hard and even compete in college for many reasons. But mostly, the answer is just the same. It is to be easier in getting a job or to have a better future. Although those things are true, the knowledge from school and college is not enough. You also need to improve yourself in terms of mindset and behavior. Besides, there are also terms soft skills, referring to some human’s characteristics. In self-development, there are some soft skills that must be owned. What are they?



Confidence doesn’t only mean the ability of public speaking or not being anxious in front of many people. Confidence is also about being brave to speak your opinion up. Sure, it is useless if you have brilliant ideas but don’t dare enough to tell others about it. So, make sure to develop your confidence by fixing your body language and skills. In this social-media era, you may be bullied by others just because of different opinions. You must not be afraid of it.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence means the ability to control emotions so that it doesn’t give you any problem later. It means that you should not be easily angry or sad just because someone tells something bad about you. You need to manage yourself so that all those things can just be handled well. With good emotional intelligence, you can be more successful not only in career but also social and relationship.


Communication skills are one of the most essential things to master without exceptions. You must know it well. There are problems that actually don’t need to happen because of miscommunication. Still related to communication, it is important also to negotiate well. Your negotiation skill helps you to solve many problems. The simplest example of negotiation is bargaining products in the market. If you are good at it, you can even pay them at much lower prices.

Time Management

Yes, you indeed need time to take a rest, play games, hanging out with friends, and others. But at the same time, there are many tasks you need to handle as well. They can be tasks from school, workplace, or simply from your mom. To do all of them properly, the skill of time management is definitely needed. So, make sure to make your own schedule so that you can do all the tasks and entertain yourself very well.


In this world, almost all jobs must be done in a team. So, the most essential question is; can you work well in the team? The key point of teamwork is not being selfish. You also need to prioritize common interests that your owns. Starting from now, you must learn more about how to improve it.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is about solving problems creatively and effectively. You must also be able to analyze problems quickly and accurately. If critical thinking is in you, you will not be easily panic or anxious in the trouble situation. You can also be more sensitive if there are problems around.