Being a Generalist in the Specialist World

Which one are you? A generalist or a specialist? Some people found themselves confused because their friends had settled into their jobs while they are not ready to choose one path. There is nothing wrong with that kind of people because they are special ones on earth. Also, having multiple interests and aptitudes does not make you incapable of solving things. You are rich in information and skills in the end.

In this article, we will show you the types of generalists in the world of specialists. You do not need to worry because even Steve Jobs did not master in programming and he was a huge Apple giant until his death.


The Group Hug

This type of generalists will apply various skills in the same job. Commonly a startup entrepreneur would love this approach. They love to spend their time doing various jobs yet the projects are connecting from one to another. Almost all tasks are done by them to make a project finished according to their expectations.

The Slash

The next type is the Slash approach. This generalist type will juggle for various jobs or businesses so they can achieve various interests simultaneously. It does not have to be profitable in every aspect. Many people in this type do the jobs for their portfolio while some of them just love the engagement and how satisfying when the curiosity is paid off while they do it.

The Einstein

Einstein worked for the US Patent office while he also pursued theories that made him famous until today. In this case, Einstein only did his job to maintain his stability tittle on his true interest in physics and math. This type of generalist also values stability over flexibility or they simply want to maintain a stable income while taking risks to find out something they do not know yet. This approach is like keeping your day job even when you are in the process of launching your new business.

The Phoenix

This approach may make you like a person who does not want to commit to a certain thing in the long-term. However, this is how generalists work after all. So, this approach is when you work in a certain industry for a while and then try another industry or career. It allows you to develop your expertise while you also satisfy your curiosity or other needs. If you are a person who loves to dig deeper into a certain niche and then move on to another, this would be a great approach for you.


Even though many companies still look for individuals with specialties, it does not mean that being a generalist is not worth it. You can try these approaches we have mentioned above to satisfy your needs. Since generalists can do anything, you can do the same thing too. Feel free to mix and match the approaches we have explained above. There is always a way to find meaning and money at the same time without pressuring you to take a job that you do not like.