Easy Steps You Can Take for Self-Development Mindset

Often we hear the concept of “your mindset will show your behavior and future”. And it is true. If you have a negative mindset, then your lifestyle will also be filled with negative things and will affect the surrounding environment (and vice versa in terms of a positive mindset). Positive and negative mindset or a fixed mindset and growth mindset are concepts that can change. You can change your mindset into a better mindset (positive or growth mindset) if you understand and apply the concept of self-development on mindset.

Believe that you have flaws


The first thing to do is to do self-reflection first. Understand that you are only an ordinary human, then you must still be lacking, you are not perfect. With that basic concept, you can already try to open your mind. Make a list of what you lack or what might hinder your life development. Make the to-do-list that needs to be changed. This is subjective, but this is the basic thing to do.

Look around you and find new insights

One of the reasons why a person has a negative mindset and a fixed mindset is because that person has many things (problems, thoughts, or ideas) to himself. Therefore, try to start sharing it with people around you. No need to go far, try to share with your parents, relatives, or closest friends. Their opinions will be able to create a new insight for you in living life, which eventually can gradually change your mindset. However, you must humble yourself (if it is still difficult or in the process of changing the mindset) because the opinions of those closest to you are not all sweet.

Make big dreams!

One step of self-development on mindset is that don’t be afraid to dream. You must have a big dream that you want to achieve; dream as big as possible. This big dream will lead you to the desire to develop yourself to achieve that dream. By making big dreams, you will unconsciously make a self-assessment about your strengths and weaknesses. Make this moment to change your mindset and attitude for the better.

Focus on effort

One of the bad things about the negative mindset and fixed mindset is that the person feels he/she is at his best, which leads to being arrogant. This must be changed from now on. With dreams that you have made, a list of weaknesses that you already have, and other people’s opinions that strengthen your assessment objectively, then you have to change your mindset. Try to change, don’t be easily satisfied with yourself now. You must make an effort to minimize your shortcomings/weaknesses and develop your talents.

Also, in conducting self-development on mindset is not results-oriented. If you think too much about the result, it will be difficult to get focus. Your efforts in developing yourself will be a burden and not fun. Focus on the effort you are doing. Regarding the final results, it is very dynamic depending on your efforts. Make your self-development efforts fun and carefree.