Six Healthy Lifestyle for Teenagers

Starting a healthy lifestyle must begin at a young age. It’s important to instill good habits in this case a healthy lifestyle since we were teenagers. Precisely by instilling healthy lifestyle habits as a teenager, we will get more benefits, in addition to the confidence we get. We must assume that healthy is expensive. How much should we spend when we fall sick. Then there is a saying, It’s better to prevent than cure. It’s not just about the cost, but how many positive things can we miss if we get sick.

Especially for students who are always active and productive in their activities and lectures. No matter how busy our activities are on campus, we still have to be able to balance our lifestyle. Do not let disease attack our future in the future. There are many easy things we can do to keep our body healthy to stay fit. Does not require a lot of costs, but enough requires perseverance and routine. Because health is the most expensive asset in life.


In order to be a healthy teenager with a healthy lifestyle, here are tips you can do:

1. Breakfast

We will not stop discussing the importance of breakfast for health. Breakfast is the most important meal schedule because breakfast that enters our bodies is the first source of food every day. Good food for breakfast is fruits, eggs, milk, whole wheat bread, or oatmeal. Starting with a good breakfast will also increase our concentration throughout the day.

2. Avoid Junk Food

Food that is very interesting our tongue is very tempting. Besides its good taste, this food is fast in its presentation. Therefore, this food is very popular with people. However, behind the enjoyment, many dangers are caused if you consume too much. Apparently, Junk food has a high content of salt, fat, calories, as well as low in vitamins, protein and minerals.

3. Enough Sleep

Our busy activity can affect the condition of our body. Enough sleep for seven hours per day is one that will make our bodies healthy. However, there are also those who say that sleep is also beneficial for appearance. In addition, the benefits for beauty can also reduce wrinkles on the face. So, if you want to look beautiful you can sleep therapy on time, guys.

4. Drink plenty of water

Obligation to drink eight glasses of water per day turns out to affect our bodies. The body’s metabolism is maintained as well as intake of blood flow. About 80 percent of the human body consists of water, and there are also important organs that we must protect by consuming a lot of water, namely the brain and blood. That is why, the obligation to drink water we must do to maintain our bodies and filter out toxic toxins in the body.

5. Don’t Be Lazy To Exercise

Do sports at least three to four times a week. Every time we do it, we exercise for at least twenty minutes so that our body can sweat. As teenagers, we might be able to enjoy sports with friends. We can run in the morning, biking, or climbing mountains so that our bodies are accustomed to physical training.

6. Eat Slowly and Stop Eating Before It’s Full

Remember the Japanese principle? They do habits that we rarely do. this can be a good example for us to start maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eating slowly can also balance our jaws and stomach to stay awake and stop eating before satiety also has the ability to treat blood sugar in the body and keep the body fit.

So for teen friends, you can apply a healthy lifestyle that is very simple at home!